malditos sean los curiosos y que los malditos sean curiosos:
la esencia de la poesía es una mezcla de insensatez y látigo...
....el gran Hank

lunes, 19 de julio de 2010

Joaquim Barceló

I'm a Velociraptor loading the last bullet into the barrel of his Colt 45.
I am the stupid pride of an Archaelogist searching a handful of bones, like a dog in heat.
I'm a Diplodocus jumping off the Empire State Building.
People die and get extinguished but places remain.
Like a Tyrannosaurus Rex standing on a chair trying the knot on the rope.
Those huge lizards lived much longer than us. They knew perfectly well what they were doing, what was coming.
Like a Triceratops bleeding in a bathtub.
And, even if you try to hit it with a rock, the earth will still spin.
After all, this is the place where I am, where I live, where I find myself in right here and right now, and no damn asteroid can change that.

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